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When to Turn to a Local Appliance Repair Contractor

3 Main Issues With Your Stove  

When your stove doesn’t work properly, this can cause major frustration. Not being able to prepare your family’s favorite dinner can make you spend more money for fast and unhealthy food. Knowing more about the main problems that your stove can experience will make you figure out when it’s time to contact a legitimate appliance repair contractor.

Your unit won’t heat

This can be a big problem. Try to find out the cause of the issue, is it limited to just one burner or all of them? Examine the overall condition of your appliance and test all its heating options. Then, if it doesn’t work, turn it off and on again. After that, you can unplug the coil from the main connection and check for any signs of damage. If the malfunction is with all the burners, then maybe, you have a major electrical failure within the stove that requires professional intervention.

Your unit won’t adjust heat

If your electric stove has lost the ability to adjust the level of heat in the burners, then perhaps, there is an issue with the switch connected to the dial that regulates the current setting. Usually, the problem is fixed by replacing that switch.

Gas stove won’t light

This is another common complaint from most homeowners. A gas stove that won’t light, but you can still smell gas means you have a defective ignition switch. An important note: when you test all the gas burners, do it in a well-ventilated room and keep your head away from the stovetop. Never assume that pilot light that hasn’t worked before won’t work the next time you try to ignite it. Sometimes, one single spark is enough to produce a bigger flame than you can imagine.

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